Starry Night

The winter shooting season is drawing to a close, and I have some beautiful images collected and shared, and even printed and sold, but more importantly I have gained some valuable experience and connected with new friends who I'll hopefully share experiences with. The thing that is simultaneously beautiful and baffling about photography is all of the ways in which you can express yourself with it.  While I will not give up my pursuit of the wide-open landscape, with the sun close to the horizon, I do intend on exploring all of the avenues that photography has to offer.

One of these facets is of course night time imagery, and Milky Way compositions specifically.  There are a variety of techniques, and a multitude of pieces of equipment if you like, but honestly a tripod, the ability to keep your shutter open for up to 30 seconds, and knowledge of where truly dark sky can be found is all one really needs.  As my skills have progressed over the past year, I find that seeking out these challenges are equal parts rewarding and humbling.  I'm humbled by how little I know and how beautiful the sky is, and rewarded because of the opportunity I have to grow and share, and to actually see these sites I've long wanted to. 

So, I've spent multiple nights outside so far in 2018, searching for compositions and clear skies, and occasionally glimpsing a meteor.  I've been able to marvel at the trail the Milky Way makes across the open sky, and I'm working even more one my craft, hoping you see the beauty that I do.

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