One Year's Perspective

With a year of this website up and running, it is with gratitude and awe that I look back. From the adventures around Colorado and the West, to the positive comments and interactions with you, this has been a year of growth, recognition, and sharing.  

One of the best aspects of photography is the seemingly boundless areas avenues for growth.  There is always a new technique to learn, a new composition to study, or a new piece of equipment to master.  There have been countless hours in the past year spent watching tutorials or inspirational artists, reading reviews and instructions, and simply sitting at a computer pouring over the various controls and sliders built into Lightroom and Photoshop.  This work has not only deepened my appreciation for the art of modern, digital photography, but it has also given my clarity in pursuing this path.  Landscape photography just "works" for me.  It feels "right" to me. That feeling of "perfect time, and perfect place" will continue to be my motivation.

At the recent art show that my school district holds for educators, my submission of a sunset at the Whitesands National Monument received the Best of Show award. This was crushing blow humility given the quality and variety of the other work in the show. My own art teacher, Beth, submitted three beautify, golden glazed leaf bowls.  I'm simply astounded by this recognition.  I have decided to also be more public with my work, and currently I have pieces hanging at Seedstock Brewery on West Colfax here in Denver, and in June I’ll be hanging more work at Bruz, in the Midtown neighborhood. 

Finally, I’ve had the chance to speak to our 7th and 8th grade art students about photography, thanks to the invitations of our school’s creative arts department.  This has been the most rewarding as I often times now have students approaching me to talk just about photography, either asking my opinion on their work, and seeking advice on technique, aesthetic and even equipment. 

While last summer was all about chasing the icons of the West, this summer I hope to shoot images that are more out of the way. Time lapse imagery and  nighttime images have gotten my attention, especially the Milky Way, so I hope to hone those techniques and compositions. Hopefully you can come out for my June 1st opening if you happen to be in the Denver area, and as always, thank you for your continued support.

Canyonlands Sunrise