Matthew Landon

Durability. Presence. Ease.

I’m still not comfortable with “art.”  I’ve had a few long conversations lately on this topic, it there’s still something about the word “art” that I’m unsure of.  I won’t question it, nor will I disparage anyone who uses it, I just struggle with how it fits in my world.

I now sit in a world surrounded by printed images, a digital archive, customers, social media and this webpage, and a few awards, and I’m really wondering, “what is art?”  Having immersed myself in photography the last two years, the closest that I can come to in defining art, is this; it is doing the thing that you love. I have found a joy, frustration, infatuation and calm in photography that has existed in a few other corners of my life; running, parenting, educating, just to name a few.  The added benefit though, the piece of photography that I didn’t understand before is that what I see, I can share. It seems obvious, but as a picture is a picture, and it's easy to share. But in this new work, the emotion that I see, the context, the character that’s imprinted, that can also be shared.

So while my experiences, knowledge, and portfolio continue to grow, many things are still the same; I’m still an educator, my sons are two years older and two years further into their own journeys. Traveling is still a priority, and an appreciation for the close friends and outdoor spaces have not been diminished.  

I hope this finds you well, and it finds you with a sense that YOUR art is within you.  That you have thoughts, feelings, and insights that other people will want to see and appreciate. So while this might not be a “statement,” it is a testament. It is a testament to the power of “art.” Find it, live it, be it. Because when you truly do something that you love, that is art.