Where it began...

It was pretty much one year ago that I came home to a box from Amazon waiting at my door.  That box would contain something that really has profoundly changed who I am, what I do, and who I want to be.  It's kind of a shame I sold that first camera, but what I've learned in the process, and what I hope to learn in the future will always be because of that first plunge.  I headed up the the mountains with a lot of hope, and very little knowledge and no idea just how much my life would be changing.

I've been fortunate to have had many photos well admired, a few purchased and one that took first place in a gallery exhibit. Traveling to and from the mountains to capture their beauty, and cross-country trips have added to my creative pool, enriched my shooting skill and brought my wanderlust back to the surface. It has all been so very gratifying to share this work and this growth with you.  

So, back to the mountains, back to the groves, back to the Aspens I intend to go, I hope you enjoy this years features.