Wildflowers and such...

A riot of colors, that's the only way I can describe it.  Wildflower season in the Rocky Mountains offers such incredible diversity and raw beauty, that it can leave you short of words.  I can't say how fortunate I feel to be able to witness this spectacle.  

Our flowers are varied and dynamic. Carpets of Paintbrushes, Arnica, and Lupine, combine with delicate bunches of Fireweed, Blue Bells, and Columbine.  Shaded and in broad daylight, some hang to rocky edges while others cozy up in Pine and Aspen groves.  

I started my quest for my "perfect" shot three weeks ago, and have put a few thousand miles on the motorcycle and another couple hundred on the car seeking this elusive image.  In the meantime I've caught sunrises and sunsets, traversed National Parks, spent nights our under stars, and racked up miles with one of my favorite travel partners, my son Tanner.  A full Colorful Colorado Gallery is getting developed, unit then I'll be adding to my Flower Gallery.  As always, thank you for following and I hope you enjoy.