Into the Woods

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Into the Woods


Oh all of the things I've learned this year focus stacking has had the biggest impact on how I develop an image.  This happens for two reasons; one I have to be more thoughtful while framing the composition and two I have to set with my camera and make thoughtful adjustments to it while I actually shooting the image.  I normally set and capture five different focus points with this technique with the hope that once the final image is processed, you will feel like you are walking into the actual image. 

Once I return home and begin the process of formatting the image, I get to replay the days composition over in my head, which then doubles the experience of that day. 

This composition took place above Alma, where I've spent a good portion of my time in Colorado.  The images has multiple meanings as winter and Aspens create a monochromatic feast, and, the borrowed title is for my brother Steve.

This is a piece of digital art, it has taken a commitment of time to draft and create, which makes it a unique type of work.  I will have this piece in an upcoming show. 24x36 aluminum print.

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24x36 aluminum print.  Comes with framed backing, ready to hang.

Includes artist statement, and signature on the back of the piece.  

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